Monday, December 21, 2015

On Suffering and Hope

In this season of Advent, waiting and expectation, I'm doing a lot of resting, reflecting and reading. I think of family members and friends who are facing this Christmas season with wounded and grieving hearts. Here are some life-giving words that sang to me today. They were recently penned by Ann Voskamp:

We may not know why God doesn’t stop all the different kinds of suffering — but we definitely know it’s not because He’s indifferent.
God is so moved by our being entangled in suffering — that He moved Himself into our world and entangled Himself in the suffering with us. God with us.
God knows suffering.
He chose to be born in the middle of a genocide.
God knows suffering. He chose to be born as a refugee.
God knows suffering. He chose to come from a place where people said no good thing could come from.
God knows suffering. He chose to be poor. He chose to absorb pain. He chose to be powerless. 
God penetrates the ache of our world through the willing yes of a poor, unwed teen. In both the Incarnation and the Resurrection, God reveals Himself first to the dismissed and disregarded and dissed.
Because the point is: Christmas is the end of division. Christmas is the beginning of the end of all suffering.
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