Monday, November 30, 2015

Advent: Making Room in the Heart

Anticipation. Waiting. Longing.

My heart is heavy with these as we enter this Advent season -- a time of preparation, watching and waiting for Jesus, the One whose coming brings healing, hope, redemption to broken places. So we celebrate the One who makes all things new.

So we wait.

We wait with great expectation of what is to come.

Standing on tippy toes.

Craning the neck.

Straining to see.

Come, Lord Jesus, Come.

Descent from Gregory Bald, Great Smoky Mountains

Descent from Gregory Bald, Great Smoky Mountains

Jim Branch, in his book Becoming, said this:

"Recognizing is such an important part of the spiritual life; recognizing what is going on within or beneath or beyond what we are able to see, and beginning to pay attention in such a way that we are actually able to really see both where God is present and what he is up to in the comings and the goings of our lives. But recognizing does not come automatically, it requires something of us. It requires us to stop living on the surface of things, to slow down enough to pay attention, to make space in our lives to reflect and to pray, and to train our souls - and thus our eyes - to look deeper into things."

Come, Lord Jesus, come.

Approach to Gregory Bald, Great Smoky Mountains