Saturday, April 18, 2015

Inaugural hike of the season

View from Lookout Tower, Frozen Head State Park
East Tennessee is pretty glorious in the spring.
I kicked off my hiking season today in Frozen Head State Park in the southern Cumberland Mountains. There were so many gorgeous wildflowers everywhere and the woods were so lush.

My friend Brandy and I had planned on a 6.9-mile hike. But through a series of (mis)adventures, we covered 12.8 miles and several trails including the interpretive loop judge branch trail, south old mac trail, lookout tower trail and north old mac trail.

Lessons learned today? All of them. :)

Some highlights:

My friend Brandy and me
For more photos from the hike, visit my Flickr account.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Happy wordy Tuesday!

Can I just say that I (mostly) love my job at the University of Tennessee! I learn something new everyday.

Some favorite words I've picked up since I started working here: jute, tartan, quartrefoil, callithump, and now, lamb lollipops. :)