Monday, March 16, 2015

I Know. {Repost}

*A repost of a beautiful poignant piece written by my friend Amanda in Arctic Alaska.*

I know.

I know what you've tried to keep a secret from me. I guess I'd already read between the lines.

I know you were scared to tell me, but I don't understand why. It hurts so much to realize that you were afraid to be honest with me. Now I wonder what I don't know... and I'm worried about the bond of trust that has been shattered.

I know that this life isn't easy and it is filled with temptations. I know that I am far from perfect; I also think I might understand more than you would imagine.

I know you know what the Word says...

I know I cannot change your heart, I cannot make you stick to the straight and narrow. If I could, God knows I would. All I can really do is pray, and ask, "Do you want to change?"

I know where the Spirit of the Lord is there is victory! So, if the sorrow you feel is godly and not just worldly, change can and will take place.

I know I cannot leave the path to come and find you. I don't really believe that Jesus is going to chase after you either. Rather, it has to be your choice.

I know that He is waiting, and as soon as you turn towards home, He'll come running out to greet you and welcome you back. Please hear me when I say that is true of me as well... after all, I love you!

I know a deep sorrow, but should you choose to return, it will be worth it all. I will help you in whatever way I can. All you have to do is ask. I am here.

I know what you don't want me to know, but the first step towards healing will be telling me yourself.

I know and yet I love.

I know.


  1. As I reread this just now it makes me pause and remember the hurt I felt when I first wrote this... the initial hurt has waned but the issue still remains. God, please bring change!

    1. Praying that along with you, friend!