Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Year, New Focus

Happy 2015, y'all.
Suddenly, the years are zooming by the older I get. Crazy!

My theme for 2014 was "Be Free." I learned how to live more authentically and honestly. I learned (and I'm still learning!) what it meant to be free of and not be ruled by my own expectations of myself, my expectations of others and their expectations of me. (As a people-pleaser, this was huge and hard to do but so good!)

In the midst of all that living last year, some big things happened: I finished grad school; I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania; I met a good man.

I've been thinking of what I want my theme to be for 2015. It came to me as last year drew to a close: Be Aware. This year, I want to be more aware of God's presence and what he's up to in the world; to be more aware of the people around and in my life; to be aware and really *see* with new eyes the wonder in the mundane and routine things, in spite of the hard and crazy things life may throw my way.

I also want to use my words well this year. Use my words to breathe life into people and not death; blessing and not cursing; healing and not destruction. I want to say hard things in love when the situation calls for it. I want to love people well. I want to live more authentically. I want to love Jesus fiercely.

I have great anticipation in my heart as I wait to see how this year will unfold. I have a sneaky suspicion it’ll have its share of joys, uncertainties, hard things and adventures. To these I say, bring it! Because however the year shakes out, I know one thing will remain true: God is still good.

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