Friday, May 31, 2013

Mediterranean Irish?

The sweetest 90-year-old man called me at work yesterday for some help with a University of Tennessee item. Just before he hung up, he said, “You’re Mediterranean Irish, aren’t you? I can tell from your name.”

Um, not exactly.

When I told him I was of Nigerian lineage, the phone went quiet for a few seconds. He then apologized profusely and said HE was Mediterranean Irish. I guess he thought he'd stumbled upon a kinswoman. We had a good laugh about it and then we hung up.

It gets better. The guy, John, called back this morning to follow up on his request. Turns out he's a music composer from New Jersey and asked for my address to send me one of his recordings. Once I listen to it, he wants me to call him back with feedback. I think I just made a friend.

I love these kinds of random life experiences.

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