Sunday, April 21, 2013

Saying goodbye to Terry Morrow

I said goodbye today to Terry Morrow, a former News Sentinel colleague and friend who died Tuesday from complications due to pancreatic cancer.

Death is a strange thing. It's happened enough to friends and relatives of mine now that sometimes I think it shouldn't take me aback. But it still jolts me each time it comes to the people I care about, whether young or old. Terry was 52.

On this beautiful sunny Sunday, it was a gift to celebrate Terry's life with his family and friends during a memorial service at West Hills Baptist Church. Terry enjoyed life and it showed -- from his antics and his work as a TV critic to the way he cared for children and adults and talked to them.

Terry also loved comics books and had about 20,000 of them. He'd been collecting them since he was 7. At the conclusion of  this afternoon's service, Terry's mom and sisters sat on the steps of the church altar and invited the children in the audience to come forward. They then gave each child some of Terry's comic books and one of his action figures.

Terry would have loved that.

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