Saturday, April 6, 2013

Kindergarten art project gone wrong

Me, Megan and Bryce after the race
This is what my friends and I looked like when we finished the Color Me Rad 5K race this morning. What a fun run and a great way to spend a beautiful sunny Saturday morning. (Portions of the race's proceeds will benefit East Tennessee Children's Hospital. Bonus!)

A few weeks ago, I roped my friend Megan and her fiancé Bryce into signing up for the race. They were such good sports about it. We joined 9,000 other nutty people for the event.

During the race, volunteers and other participants throw colored cornstarch...just because. By the end of the race, we looked like a kindergarten art project gone wrong.
(I think Megan's teeth are still stained purple. Ha! Other parts of me, which I shall not mention, are still sporting a strange glow. It's amazing how well the cornstarch seeps through your clothing.)

Other pictures from today:

We're all nice and clean pre-race
Getting ready for the color bomb. Megan said I looked like a bank robber
About to run through the color bomb

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