Wednesday, April 10, 2013

CrossFit Diaries: Class #4 -- Circuit training madness

One of the CrossFit kettlebells. Hehe.
Just when I thought I was finally getting a handle on this CrossFit stuff, today happened.

Today, my friends, was High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), or like the instructor called it, "Super Human Interval Training," aka S#&% training. :)

As I walked into our 6 a.m. class, I wondered why there were large tractor tires as tall as me outside the doors. I soon found out. I entered the building and saw about 15 different stations with myriad torture, er, exercise tools. Ok, then.

After warm ups, we started the real work. A sampling of what we did today:

Side planks with kettlebell lifts. Cling and overhead press with bar. Cone jumps. Burpees with pull ups. Bear crawls. Burpees with sandbags. Tractor tire flips (my personal favorite). Tire run (carry a car tire and run with it).

Since I started my CrossFit experiment on Friday, I have been sore after. every. class. This makes me happy. It means I'm pushing my body. Or maybe I'm just killing myself.

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