Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The spring tease

Happy first day of spring! Brr.
I scowled as I put on my winter coat this morning. Just three days ago, it was a breezy almost 70 degrees here in Knoxville. Today? Ha!

This time last year, I was eating a Rita's Italian ice with my friend Charles on Market Square. It was rather balmy and it felt so good to sneak away from the office during lunch for the treat.

Today, I scurried in and out of buildings, coat zipped tight. Although chilly, signs of life and the promise of spring are readily visible. The trees are beginning to show their in-your-face, I-dare-you-to-stop-me extravagant beauty. This thrills my heart.

My friend Itiyah took this photo today by the Walgreens on Magnolia Ave. 


  1. What I wouldn't give for a low of 24...this morning the wind chill was in the negative numbers. And we also have a few feet of snow in the front yard. So over winter and ready for spring! I love Itiyah's picture!

  2. I'm ready for warm weather to stay for good. (And for Major League Baseball.)

    Wish it would stay about 75/60 year round. But, I won't complain. From April to October, usually, I am like the character in "A Tale of Two Cities" -- recalled to life.

    Welcome back to the blogosphere!