Monday, March 18, 2013

Lookie here! It's Lola's blog!

I know I've been missing in action for a while. Sorry, y'all.
Life has been nutso lately. As one friend said recently, "nutso" is code for "awesome and exciting." The living of life has been spectacular. So much is happening, which is evident in all the half-written drafts of blog posts I have in my account. I just can't find enough time to finish them. Ha!

I imagined I would return to blogging with some huge announcement. I have none at the moment. And that's ok. I'm enjoying the old, growing and budding relationships that are part of this season of my life.

Today, I bid farewell to a dearest friend, Jigsha, who is moving to Florida to start a new chapter in her life, thanks to a new job. We sat on her porch, ate lunch, watched it rain and reminisced. We arrived in Knoxville within three months of each other a decade ago. I'm learning that a part of life is letting go, which is hard sometimes. But letting go can also be a gift. My prayers, love and good wishes go with her.

I still like grad school -- although I'm finding that it's a lot of work. I truly don't know how my mom was married, raising kids and getting her degree at the same time. I have a new respect for her and others like her. Me, I have a dog and a full time job and I'm barely hanging on.

And I'm learning to break boards with a flying side kick in Taekwondo. God willing and the creek don't rise, I aim to have this mastered and ready to debut when I test for my second degree black belt in June. Stay tuned.

Peace and joy to you.


  1. Totally amazing about the stick throwing board breaking. You are amazing. And saying goodbye to a friend is so stinking hard - you are right, it's part of life, but one of my least favorite parts. Glad to see you pop into my google reader again (yeah, although I'm on bloglovin' I think I'm using reader 'till the bitter end). I say write when you can and keep living your awesome life. No big announcement needed.

    1. Thank you, my friend! Now, if I can just get all those half-written posts done... ;)