Monday, January 21, 2013

My precious grandmother has died

My precious grandmother, Comfort Ayoka Alapo, died in Nigeria this afternoon.
I'm thankful for the 90 years she graced this earth and for the rich legacy she gave me.

Visiting my grandmother in Nigeria in 2008
But my heart is so sad: for my family, for my dad, for lost dreams.
When I last saw her in Nigeria in 2008, she chuckled as she promised that she would come to America for a visit after I had my first child. I really did hope that would happen. Over the last few weeks as she weakened, my desire to see her grew stronger and I hoped she would hang on long enough for our family to see her again.
I am sad that she is no more on this side of eternity; that my children won't meet their great-grandmother; that I have no more living grandparents; that a hole has been ripped into the fabric of our family.
But I am also thankful that she lived well and vibrantly; that I come from a line of strong women; that her story is part of my story; that I am because she was.
And I thank God for my heritage as a Nigerian-born American.
After seeing my grandmother in Nigeria in 2008, I wrote this story for the News Sentinel about the experience. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to have been able to tell her story in a public way.


  1. I remember having read your article when you made the trip to Nigeria to visit her. Spectacular that God provided that experience which can now serve you with special memories.

    May you feel the love of God in a special way today! Deuteronomy 33:27

    1. What a poignant verse! Thank you for sharing it, Amanda. I definitely am thankful for the memories I was able to make with her. I've been reliving them these last few days. What a gift!