Sunday, December 2, 2012

My new little guy

Say hello to Edgar, my new Compassion child.
It tickles me that such a little guy (he's 6) has such a grown up name.

Pardon the hair. Windy day.
He lives in a town with a fun name: Achacachi. (Why, bless you! hehe.)
I met Edgar during my trip to Bolivia last month. The cool thing was, it happened to be on my birthday.

Why was I in Bolivia? To meet Jhonny, my original little guy...who's not so little anymore.

My sister laughingly told me Jhonny and I are the same size. Ha!
I sponsored Jhonny through Compassion International for 11 years. He recently graduated from the Compassion program. He's now 19. For my 30th birthday, I got it meet him, which was such a gift.

While in Bolivia, I decided I wanted to sponsor another Bolivian child to keep my connection to the country and to Jhonny. The tricky thing was, I wanted to meet the child so I could take a picture with him or her. That way, when we started corresponding, I could send the picture to the child. (I was in Bolivia as part of a Compassion sponsor tour and we visited a number of Compassion centers. Most children at the centers already had sponsors. Some didn't but were enrolled in the program anyway to benefit from the services.)

My trip leader Sean did yeoman's work in tracking down children who needed sponsors. I met Edgar at the very last Compassion center we visited on our very last day in Bolivia.

Yesterday, I mailed him my first letter and our picture.


  1. Hooray! I am so happy you were able to meet your new child in person! That is such a gift, both for you and Edgar. He's going to love his letter and gift for sure.

    1. A gift, indeed!! When his Compassion packet arrived in the mail, it cracked me up. On the cover was Edgar's picture but he was scowling. He was also dressed to the nines. It made me wonder if his 6-year-old little person was chafing at the fact that he had to dress up. When I met him, he was in play clothes. I love the contrast.