Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Great Pumpkin Heist of 2012

There's a pumpkin bandit among us.
I woke up yesterday morning to discover the pumpkins had been pilfered from the harvest display in my yard. My scarecrow also had been beheaded and her corn husk arms ripped off. At least the interloper had the decency to leave part of her dress so I didn't find a headless, naked Ms. Crow.
(The punk was even brazen enough to steal the pumpkin that was sitting on my porch!)

After I got over being mad, I actually found it hilarious that someone was desperate (or drunk? or mean?) enough to carry off three sizable pumpkins, one head and two arms.

Looking on the bright side, I got to enjoy the display for six days. And I have pictures. Plus, a friend will be able to use the hay after she sows grass seed. So, all was not lost. (Also, I came home last night and found a small pumpkin from an anonymous neighbor sitting on one edge of the vandalized display. I very much appreciated the gesture of kindness.)

So much for trying to beautify 37917 ;)


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  1. that is so mean! I think the worst is the feeling violated bit - the people do not belong that close to your house!