Monday, September 10, 2012

Monowi, Nebraska: town of 1

Today, I am writing about somebody else's adventure (and wishing I was the one who took the trip. Jealous!)
My oldest sister Yemi happened upon the town of Monowi, Nebraska, purely by accident last month. The coolest thing about this town? It has a population of 1.

My sister, a geography professor in Omaha, was making her annual summer trek through the state to discover hidden gems. (She had just returned from Latin America and decided to cap off the summer with one last adventure before the start of school.)

As she tells it, she was actually on her way elsewhere. But she couldn't resist pulling over when she spied this sign. Her curiosity piqued, she went in search of the sole resident.

In Monowi, she met Elsie Eiler, 79, the town's only resident, who also runs this restaurant.


Turns out Elsie has quite the reputation and has been featured in numerous newspaper articles and on TV. (Case and point: click here.)

My sister chatted her up over a huge ribeye steak, salad and fries. During her visit, she was surprised plenty of people came in and out of the restaurant. (Elsie told my sister she was never lonely and had plenty of company who checked in on her.)

After getting to know Elsie a bit and her curiosity satisfied, my sister hugged her and bid her farewell.

"Sometimes the unplanned trips are the best," she said. Ditto.


  1. Lola, I love this! What a great story. I'm in awe that your sister stopped and delved into the story behind this unassuming little sign. I would love to be able to travel around our country and do stuff like this. I love to travel, and, like your sister, I have more than just a passing interest in geography (I minored in it in college, which all my friends thought was weird). Outside of the colleges where I took geography courses, I've never come across any geography professors. It's so awesome that your sister is not only one, but that she "practices what she preaches" by traveling and do really cool, interesting things! I love your family. Y'all should adopt me! (I bet you don't have too many freckled, redheaded members!)

  2. Too sweet, Kathy!! Yes, we would love to have you in our family. The more, the merrier :)