Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A week of dresses

I've been shopping -- in my closet.
I'm in the process of cleaning out my wardrobe and I've discovered pieces -- dresses in particular -- that I love but haven't worn in some time. I also have dresses that my dear, fashion-forward friend, Chandra, recently gave me but I have yet to wear.

The purge is due in large part to a desire to be living more simply. I'm not going spartan or anything but I really would like to be using what I already have before I buy new things. There are plenty of clothes I don't wear and need to give away. Besides, the laundry basket-turned makeshift closet on my bedroom floor has been driving me nuts.

In the middle of all this, my friend Charles turned me on to the 100 Thing Challenge and to the blog of a guy named Dave whose motto is to live joyfully and thoughtfully simple. I like that.

So, after discovering all these finds in my closet, I decided last week that I would wear a dress every workday (even on Friday, which is typically my dress-down day!) I love girly stuff and getting dolled up. Dresses don't often make it into the mix, however.  I'm typically in slacks and a nice top. I also don the occasional skirt. (I've come a long way since my tomboy days. See No. 8 in this post.)

Apparently my co-workers noticed the dress initiative, too. On Monday, the first day of dresses, one guy said, "Wow. You're usually so casual." Others called it Fashion Week. Ha! :)

Here's how my experiment went. A BIG thank you to Charles for being such a good sport and for taking my picture everyday.






It was a fun week but by Friday, I was itching to get into casual clothes (and out of my heels). I had committed to wearing dresses the whole week, however. So my compromise was putting on a casual dress even though I had a couple of other fancy dresses I hadn't worn waiting in the closet. I might bring those out next week.

Who knows, maybe I'll have "A Week of Dresses -- Fall Edition" post come this winter. We'll see.


  1. I love it!! Every dress I thought "oh, I like this one," or "oh, that one is great" I rarely wear dresses, either, but they are great because you don't have to match a top and a bottom, it's contained in one :). I love that you are shopping in your closet. I always thought you lived simply and wondered if I could do it. After my last year I'm trying super hard not to bring much in my house and I'm also working on taking lots out to the charity shop!

  2. Closet shopping is wonderful - and a wonderful way to simplify. Shoes, however, are often the fly in the proverbial ointment. I hate shoes ... and shoe shopping ... more than anything. Finally found some sandals I loved that worked with most everything. Bought one pair in brown and one pair in black. Dog has since eaten one of each. sssssssssssssssssssigh. You are looking good, girl.

    1. It helps that the dog is cute, doesn't it? How frustrating...and funny that the pooch ate the sandals. That cracked me up! :)
      Shoes have been more difficult for me, too. I'm trying to find the balance between wearing something cute and comfortable. I have a few go-to pairs but they don't always match with everything. I'll let you know how that journey goes.

  3. Read the Hundred Thing Challenge a couple of months ago but forgot he had a blog. I should go check it out. My mom and I were more interested in the fact that he was a Wheaton grad than in trying the challenge ourselves.

    Miss you!

    1. I, too, found it fascinating that he was a Wheaton grad. I think a person's background tells you a lot about what forms their outlook/ideology to some extent. Interesting stuff!

  4. You are totally adorable in each and every one...but that's a given! I've noticed the difficult part for most women who basically live in slacks then pull out a dress, is remembering how to sit! ha! Hope to see you soon - Elaine