Saturday, June 30, 2012

Made-from-scratch truffles? Yes, please!

Why don't I start with the end result and work my way backward? :)

Plucky Alapo and I paid another visit to the farm of our friends Jim and Kim today. Seeing that it was 500 hundred degrees outside, we decided to keep the fun mostly indoors. (Ok, it was actually 102 degrees but it might as well have been 500 degrees.)

Our adventure today? Making dark chocolate truffles from scratch. Part of the fun was experimenting with different flavors. We decided on three: plain, peanut butter and cherry. We also had three toppings to play with: crushed Oreo cookies, crushed pistachios and chopped toffee bits.

(P.S.: the dog treats weren't a part of the ingredients.)

After chopping our toppings, we simmered two cups of heavy whipping cream and melted bags of dark chocolate chips in it. We then poured the gooey awesomeness into three different containers. In one, we mixed peanut butter into the chocolate. In a second, we mixed in chopped cherries and cherry juice. We put the containers in the freezer so the chocolate could firm up and Kim and I went outside to visit under the shade of a tree.

We came back in and I scooped the chocolate onto cookie sheets while Kim rolled them and coated them with melted milk chocolate to create a shell. I then dusted them with their respective toppings. The whole process was quite messy and tasty. There was much licking of spoons, spatula and hands.

Said gooey awesomeness went back into the fridge to harden one more time and then, tada! It was eatin' time!

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