Monday, May 21, 2012

Spotting a gray hair

I was combing out my hair this morning when I spotted what I thought was a piece of lint. I pulled on it and my scalp tingled. Hmm. I peered into the mirror and I pulled again. Same thing. "Ack!" was my first reaction and I got the urge to pluck it out. But I've decided to leave it.

They say wisdom comes with age. Bring it on!


  1. If you just noticed your first gray hair i'm not worried, at all. I've had them for years!!!

  2. I started finding them this year too. While I'm always down for some wisdom, I see the increase in white (WHITE) hair as nature's way of telling me I have a blank canvas ... and can now begin coloring my hair any which way I want ... ;)

    1. Hilarious! You know, you've got a great point :D

  3. Brilliant blog post. You have gained a brand-new fan. Pls keep them coming and I look forward to more of your interesting blog posts. I think it is definitely a good bet. You cannot go wrong with this.