Monday, May 14, 2012

Learning to say no

"There will never be an end to the requests upon your time.
It's your place to tell the world you've got to rest a while.
And everything is important, and everything is not.
At the end of your life, your relationships are all you've got."

--Sara Groves, Just One More Thing

This is one lesson I'm continually learning. It hit home in a tough way today. Gosh, how hard it is to say no, particularly when it has to do with family, friends or a good opportunity. Being the people lover (and people pleaser?) that I am, I hate to disappoint. But as one friend said, "sometimes, it can be really freeing to say no."

Hat tip to my friend Jessica for bringing the Sara Groves song to mind.


  1. I've not heard the song before, but I agree...saying no can be a good thing!

  2. Love this post! And I completely identify with how you feel...I'm a natural people-pleaser too and it gets me into trouble sometimes. I'm learning that it's better to say "no" than to agree and then absorb the stress and frustration of an over-booked schedule (not to mention lack of time to recharge, which as an introvert is pretty essential to me! Although I also love people and social time, especially getting together with one or two friends at a time, so those types of things are really hard to say "no" to for me even though it's not the people-pleaser reasoning). Anyway, I just relate to this a lot.

    And I enjoy reading your blog. :) You're on my GoogleReader so I catch you in my news feed whenever you post!

    1. Thanks, Jessica. I hear ya! I'm an extreme extrovert and I, too, still need time to recharge. I think this will be a life-long lesson for both of us :)