Sunday, May 20, 2012

Katie + Brad

This picture sums up Katie and Brad's story perfectly. It wasn't love at first sight, as they both will tell you. (Is such a thing even real?) Rather, it was a growing into love -- with a lot of stumbling, missteps and growth along the way -- which culminated into yesterday's beautiful wedding ceremony and the start of their life together. Read more about their story here.

The ceremony took place at Katie's parents' horse farm. Brad and Katie spent months working the farm and planting things to get it ready for the big day. The result was phenomenal.

West Breedlove, the director of music ministries at our church, officiated the ceremony. He had us laughing and crying and then laughing again.

Some poignant thoughts from West during the ceremony (Yes, I whipped out my pen and paper):

"Your spouse may bring out the worst in you. The problem is not your spouse. The problem is the sin within you."

"Freely forgive. Jesus is not stingy with his grace. Do not be with yours."

"'You complete me' may sound romantic. That's Jerry Maguire. That's not Jesus," West said, noting that spouses are not to seek fulfillment solely in one another but should be pushing one another toward a Godward affection.

Other scenes from the wedding:


  1. SO glad you wrote this up & shared a little glimpse of what was obviously a gorgeous and worshipful ceremony!! Thanks, Lola!!

  2. Beautiful, Lola!!! I didn't even get a chance to speak to you at the wedding, but I'm so glad you wrote this up to share. It was a wonderful wedding!!!

  3. that looks like an absolutely beautiful wedding. I'm so anxious to get some pictures from my sister's (I didn't take a single one, except for handful about 8 a.m. when we were getting ready!). But now I have zero and the waiting is killing me.

  4. Thanks for reading, ladies! I appreciate your sweet comments :) It was such a fun day, indeed!

  5. Lola,

    Thank you for sharing about our special day - and for sharing it with us! You are a sweet friend to which B and I are grateful!

    Lots of love,