Sunday, May 13, 2012

The "just because" post

It's been a while since I've done just because writing.
Living life kind of gets in the way, you know? But I've been missing it so I gave up going to the gym this evening in exchange for a date with my laptop. So many odds and ends running around in my head. Today's post will be somewhat of a catch-all. Here's a glimpse into my world/mind in no particular order:

Happy Mother's Day to me

I called that sweet mother o' mine today to thank her for being my mummy. As is the tradition of Yoruba people, she spoke blessings over me, particularly regarding my future role as a mother -- to human children, that is.

I am currently a mom to this four-legged creature with a hairy back. Make that a hairy everything. Speaking of Plucky Alapo, I got home this evening from an out of town trip and found a note from him waiting for me on the kitchen counter. (Don't tell anyone but I think he had a little help from my dog sitter Nicole in writing it.)

Plucky Alapo is almost 8 years old and is still a spry guy -- but with mild arthritis and a limp every now and then. eek! At times, I've thought about getting him another buddy to keep him young. As a puppy and adolescent dog, Plucky tormented Elmo the geriatric poodle. (Maybe it's payback time?) Hmm, but for now, I think I'll remain a one-dog woman. It makes life a little simpler.

Reading, thinking

I recently read an article entitled, "The Satanic Ideology of Photoshop." How's that for an attention grabber? (Hat tip to my friend Trillia for a heads up on the piece.) Here's an excerpt:

"Of course, we can read over-the-top hyperbole on the covers of Vogue or Cosmo and reason that they're absurd. We can look at images like Blanchett's on Harper's Bazaar and know, rationally, that this isn't the real world. But it isn't reason that these magazines are after...we aren't fundamentally rational creatures; we're desiring creatures, and though the promises of Hollywood and consumerism may be irrational, their picture of the ideal human life has captured our hearts."
The full article here.

 Taking the GRE

I must be a glutton for punishment. I'm planning to take the Graduate Record Examinations, also known as the GRE, sometime this summer. (It's as if I didn't suffer enough in statistics or something.)

Truth be told, I get excited as I study for it. I've been doing well on the English/reading sections in my practices. The math sections, on the other hand, have been a bear.

I'm particularly thrilled that I'll be starting graduate classes this summer. I'm planning to go in a different direction from what I initially thought I wanted to study. More on that later.

Tennessee, sweet Tennessee

My heart leaped this evening when I saw the "Tennessee Welcomes You" sign as I drove back into the state after a weekend visiting friends in Greensboro, N.C.

I laughed at myself because I now officially claim Knoxville as home. But it took some time. For years when people asked about my home state, I would say: "I'm from New York. I live in Tennessee."

Now, I say I'm from New York and Tennessee...and I'm proud of it.

Gosh, so many other things to say but I'll stop here tonight. I won't even get into the fact that I purchased gas for $3.27/gal this evening in Greene County on my way back to Knoxville...

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  1. What!? Gas $3.27? JEALOUS. And Plucky is looking great - I'm glad he wrote you a note. I love your tradition of speaking blessings to the children. My grandma and dad would write a nice letter thanking the children for making them a proud parent or give a small gift on mother's/father's day. I like that, too.