Tuesday, May 15, 2012

B+ in statistics

Happy dance, anyone? Yes, please!
I checked my grade this afternoon and I got a B+ in statistics. YAY! This is huge, considering that for a while I thought I was going to fail the class. So, going from a perceived F to a B+ is pretty sweet.

The overachiever in me protested a little bit but like my friend Sara has often reminded me, I have to give myself some grace. I did the straight A thing in undergrad. On this side of adulthood, good grades still do matter but I'm not going to beat myself up if I get the occasional B.

Onward to summer school!


  1. Yay! Congrats!! A B+ in a math related class is a noteworthy accomplishment in my book. :)

    And I totally identify with the overachiever thing. Like you, I did the straight A thing in undergrad...until my senior year when I got a B+. And a B. In the same semester. I cried, and my mom thought I was crazy to lament over what she saw as good grades. And, they ARE! I've since realized how obsessed I was about grades in undergrad (to an unhealthy degree, and at the expense of my relationships with other people--I was kind of a loner nerd) and hope I have loosened up a bit now.

  2. I have never once received straight As (I got freaking A-s thrown in there my last two semesters of undergrad), and I'm still alive to tell the story :). I'm so proud of you, Lola. Your earned that B+ and I imagine it means more to you than tons of those As from before.