Thursday, May 31, 2012


Represent, yo!
I spied this sign this evening during my inaugural visit to Central Flats and Taps, a new restaurant/bar on Central Street in North Knoxville near downtown. It made me happy.

37917. That's my zip code. This sign (the restaurant's motto) embodies everything I love about my little slice of heaven: namely the, ah, fascinating characters who can be found in this reemerging section of town. (Ever heard of the Fellini Kroger?)

Great food at Central Flats and Taps, by the way. Fantastic service and neat atmosphere. (Read a review here.)

Tonight's visit was a farewell dinner in honor of my friend Sara who is moving to Seattle for a new gig. We've gotten into many adventures together since she moved to Knoxville two-plus years ago. (See here, here and here.) It was only fitting that we celebrated the conclusion of her time here with one last food adventure.


  1. I love their logo too! Glad you had a great time there. I le it too, but wished they had some sound absorption materials in the interior as it can get very loud!

    See you soon, gal!

  2. So hard to say goodbye to friends! And I love that sign - what a riot.