Thursday, April 26, 2012

Food adventure: Germany

It has finally come to an end.
The last of UT's Ready for the World spring cafe took place today. I must say, they went out with a bang. The journey took us to Germany and the food was absolutely delicious.

We also had the largest crowd yet: 110 people (capacity is supposed to be 60). As usual, we had returning diners and new faces like this guy:

That's former Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale. He was the guest of Pellissippi State President Anthony Wise.

Now on to the food. The cafe typically starts with the appetizer but they were so busy today that the soup came out first. It was a cold cream of asparagus soup that featured pureed asparagus and spinach. It was seasoned with spices and dusted with paprika. As a lover of vegetables, I was digging this. It's something I'd like to make at home.

The second course was the appetizer, a soft baked pretzel with beer cheese. M.E.R.C.Y.!!

The entree was jager schnitzel with bacon mushroom sauce. It was a pounded pork loin paired with herbed spaetzle (think noodle-dumpling combo) and sauerkraut salad.

The crowning glory of the meal was the dessert: black forest cake, which was a layered chocolate cake with cherry sauce and whipped cream. The tartness of the cherries and sweetness of the chocolate was a fantastic pairing. (Think red wine and dark chocolate.)

The table decor was quite creative. I hear there was a German beer-tasting class the night before and they emptied the bottles for today's use ;)

I was a little sad that the cafe ended. But hey, it starts back up in mid-September. There will be a new series of countries for the fall semester. A huge shout-out to the faculty and students of the class. They made the cafe such a wonderful experience.

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  1. sign me up for the appetizer and dessert!! YUM!!