Thursday, April 19, 2012

Entertainment Thursday

Can I do this when I grow up?
A demo team from Flower Mound, Texas, performed this routine at the Taekwondo America National Tournament in January. Impressive choreography! I came across the video a few days ago, courtesy of my Taekwondo school's Facebook page.

A few of us at our school have been talking about possibly starting a demo team. The group would eventually participate in the team portion of the national tournaments, in addition to each member competing individually in their division.

Be sure to watch the finale. Amazing stuff.


  1. I have actually been to Flower Mound, TX! Didn't see these kids tho...

  2. How cool if you got to do something like this!! I like the black light stuff, awesome. And the song choices were great. My personal favorite, though, was the little boy in orange sitting on the floor hitting his knees during "we will rock you."

  3. That was really cool! Love the finale.