Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Surprise cookies in the mail

I love "just because" gifts.

One showed up in the mail Monday -- or I should say, about a dozen of them did. These butter cookies hail from the Antigo (Wis.) Bakery. They were a little beat up from the journey but they were still oh, so, tasty.

(I pause here to say, "ME LOVE COOKIES! NOM! NOM! NOM!)

My friend Laura has long been blogging about the bakery, their goodies and the goose displayed in their window. The goose changes clothes with the seasons and holidays.

I've inquired a time or two whether the bakery's treats were any good. Laura decided it was time for me to see for myself.

Sending the cookies was a way for Laura to check off an item from her 101 in 1001 list. (Item 54 was "mail a card and gift to a friend "just because.")
I'm glad I was able to help her accomplish her goal :)

Those cookies have been deadly. I polished off the last three today.

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  1. YES!! I am so glad you loved them. I am bummed (but not surprised) they didn't arrive in one piece, but I'm just glad you liked them. And I know from experience, even a crushed cookie is still amazing. This was a fun post, my friend :).