Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Food adventure: India

Git in mah belleh!
That was my rallying cry yesterday afternoon as I pulled up to the table for another week of international fare at UT's Ready for the World Cafe.

This time, the journey took us to India. Sort of. I should say the food was Indian-inspired. Student cooks took some liberties with the recipes (part of this class lab is their freedom to experiment.) Some dishes weren't as authentic as they could have been but I'll give the students two thumbs up for effort. The four-course meal was delicious. It was also as aromatic as it was tasty.

Won't you take the pictoral tour? C'mon!

The first course was a hot and sour soup. (This made me think more of Chinese food.) It was flavorful with lots of veggies.

The second course was a cucumber salad with a yogurt sauce flavored with cumin, cilantro and coriander. The lead student cook said this dish is typically heavily yogurt-based but they decided to make the yogurt more of a dip. Loved the presentation.

Entree was chicken vindaloo (curried chicken) with rice and naan, a yummy flatbread. The rice had a hint of lime flavor. I could have eaten a second helping of this. It. was. amazing.

We then got a shot of honey almond milk, which acted as a palate cleanser. This was delicious.

Dessert was mango kulfi with karanji: a warm mango sauce that came with this cookie pocket filled with raisins, almonds and coconut. It was more an Americanized dessert, I thought, but it was still excellent.

Four down, six to go. The remaining cafes this semester are Korea, Italy, France, Liberia, Persia and Germany.

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