Friday, March 16, 2012

Firing myself from yard duties

After seven seasons of mowing my own grass, I finally called it quits.
I've fired myself from yard duties.
Maybe it had something to do with this early spring we've been experiencing. Not complaining at all. I just didn't expect to start mowing this early in the year. I woke up one day and it seemed as if the grass had sprouted two feet and the weeds, even taller.

In years past, I was always so excited to do the first mow and weed-eating of the season. This year? Nope. Maybe it's because my mower and weed eater are both out of commission right now. (Maintenance stinks sometimes, ya know?)

All this has been really good, however. Honest! It just so happens that I have a neighbor whose main source of income is his myriad odd jobs.

I marched right up to his front door Wednesday evening and our conversation went something like this:

Me: "Hi!"
Neighbor: "What do you know?"
Me: "Um, so, this early spring has thrown me for a loop. Do you still, like, mow grass for people?"
Neighbor: "I do. How about tomorrow?" and he quoted me a really cheap price.
Me: "Sounds good," I said, smiling really big.

I got home yesterday evening and voilĂ ! I had the perfect yard, clean edges and everything.


  1. I am so with you friend! I put the lawn mower in our garage sale!!! Pretty dramatic huh! Now I just need to find someone to mow our yard. Hmmm

  2. That is awesome!! Not only do you have the chore taken off your list, but you are able to bless your neighbor. Perfect.