Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Celebrating the first day of spring

Nothing says "first day of spring" like a treat from Rita's Italian Ice. It's even better when it's free :)

To commemorate this glorious day, the Market Square franchise gave out complimentary regular-sized ices.

I've known about today for the last two months. I'm on their email list so when they announced their winter closing and today's event, I put it on my calendar and have been looking forward to it since.

Following our staff meeting this morning, I ate a quick lunch and began plotting when I could escape to Market Square. Fortunately, I found an accomplice. I snookered my co-worker Charles into going with me.

We got there just in time. The line was out the door within five minutes of our arrival. After picking up our goodies, we sauntered out of the store and found a perch on the square to eat our ices and people-watch for a few minutes. Then it was back to work.

  Charles with his mango gelati and vanilla custard

I love this sign!


  1. Fun running in to you today! I see you chose the "Go Big Orange" Italian Ice!

  2. What!? How come I never knew about this place? I'm so going when I'm in town this spring.