Monday, March 19, 2012

Becoming a painted lady for one night

My friend Barbara is planning to enter an online makeover contest so she's asked to use my face.
Accordingly, I met Barbara at her house this evening before Taekwondo so she could work her magic. She sells Mary Kay and used her products on me.

Here's my "before" picture. She told me I couldn't smile. I think I look a bit sleepy:

Here's the end result. This shot was taken with my iPhone camera. Barbara took a sharper shot with a regular camera and in that one, you can better see the different shades and colors she used.

This experiment was fun. You have to understand that I don't wear makeup beyond chapstick on my lips and cocoa butter on my face. I used makeup my senior year of high school for like two seconds. That was following a photo shoot I'd been a part of in Colorado. (Story for another time. I'll have to dig out those pictures for show-and-tell in a future blog post.)

My love of athletics and all things physical overruled my desire for makeup very early on. I sweat way too much (and on purpose) and makeup became inconvenient because it would run and get on everything.

But I've worn it for special occasions like my sister's wedding and when I was a 2010 contestant in the Dancing With the Knoxville Stars fundraiser for East Tennessee Children's Hospital.

I liked what Barbara did to my face. I hugged and thanked her and then drove straight to Taekwondo and sweat it off.


  1. You are beautiful, my friend, with or without make up. And because my make up is about equivalent to yours, I understand that wearing some, especially when someone else puts it on you, is a very big deal. And please do share the CO story. I didn't know you're a model!!

  2. You are beautiful. If only we all had a smile like that! The makeup looks great, but I agree with Laura, you are beautiful either way. Hard to hide what shines from within you, Lola!

    LY, Mama Lloyd

    1. Thank you for your affirmation, Elaine :)