Monday, February 20, 2012

One man's pet = another man's food?

I read a story today about a California man who admitted to and was sentenced for killing and cooking cats.
My first reaction was an "eww" and a shudder. I mean, how disgusting is that?

But then, a very random thought occurred to me and it's this: wow, what a culturally diverse world in which we live.

We, as Americans, eat things that are considered pets in other parts of the world. Take cow, for example. To millions of Hindus in India, it is a sacred animal. I wonder if they're not mortified when they read or hear about its consumption in other areas of the globe. In my mind, that doesn't make sense because I enjoy a good burger.

In parts of Asia, cats and dogs are food. This boggles my mind because to me, they're family members. I can't imagine my Plucky dog on a platter. That makes me sad.

But then, I eat goat and have done so since my childhood in Nigeria. I have friends who keep them as pets and are incredulous when I tell them.

I don't condone the California man's actions. But several questions came to my journalist mind: Where is he from? Is he a recent immigrant? Was this a money-saving move? Was it culturally acceptable in his eyes? Was he truly crazy? The article doesn't provide the answers.

I found interesting the reactions of people interviewed for the story. Some called for the man to be put in a mental institution. Others were petitioning to have him removed from the community.

I don't have any answers. Just some random Monday observations.

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