Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jamaica, mon!

        God painting a sunset over Montego Bay; seen from CCCD's campus

I spent eight days in January in one of the most beautiful spots on earth.
I was at the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Jan. 21-28 as part of a six-person work team from my church.

We painted students' dorms and the missionary family's house, moved furniture and did other needed maintenance.
Above all, we got to hang out with and love on the kids. CCCD is a boarding school that serves deaf children in kindergarten through high school.

I'm fluent in American Sign Language but I haven't used it much since I moved to Knoxville nine years ago. It was neat to be able to put those skills into service again.

We also had a couple of afternoons to enjoy the beach.

The trip was amazing. But don't take my word for it. See for yourself here. (Captions are to the right of the photos.)


  1. I had no idea you're fluent in ASL. I'm not surprised because you are just that cool. I am glad you loved your days in Jamaica and I want to hear all about it when we talk next. love you!

  2. Great pics, Lola!
    Your sis, in Omaha