Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Food adventure: Japan

I had a culinary adventure today, thanks to the University of Tennessee.

Japanese cuisine was the fare of the afternoon. Today was the second week of the Ready for the World Cafe, a 10-week international lunch series presented by the UT Culinary Institute and a class that focuses on food production and service management. It is open to the public.

It's basically a lab and we, the participants, are the lab rats. This is one experiment I didn't mind. It was tasty. (I did Ireland last week, which was fabulous!)

For $12 (or $10.20 if you're a UT employee with a discount card), you get a four-course meal that consists of an appetizer, salad, entree and dessert. You also get to rate the experience, which helps students in their quest for learning and improvement.

There are eight more luncheons this spring semester: Brazil (Feb. 28), India (March 6), Korea (March 15), Italy (March 27), France (April 3), Liberia (April 10), Persia (April 17), Germany (April 26).

Here's a pictorial tour of today's experience:
Appetizer: skewered chicken in yakitori sauce, which tasted like teriyaki sauce.

Second course: seaweed cucumber salad marinated in soy sauce & rice vinegar.

Entree: fried pork with rice and cabbage.

Dessert: green tea gelato with candied sweet potato.

We had an extra treat today. We learned how to make origami cranes.

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  1. oh my gosh, that is right up your alley. The perfect lunch. I hope you plan to attend all of them!