Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Food adventure: Brazil

Today, I continued what is quickly becoming a weekly adventure for me: I went to the Ready for the World Cafe. The fare was Brazilian food.
Don't let me tell you how good it was. Take the pictorial tour instead.

The first course was Empanadinhas, a shrimp pie. (Think Brazilian pot pie.)

Second course was asparagus & heart of palm salad served with light vinaigrette.

Entree was beef acebolado: beef and onions served with rice and orange beans.

Dessert was doncinho de coco or coconut truffles, which came in edible chocolate bowls. One of my table mates exclaimed: "It's like an Almond Joy just exploded all over the plate." :)

Part of the fun was experiencing the cafe with my co-workers Amy, Charles and my friend Megan. Here's Megan and me after the meal. We were so stuffed we couldn't finish our main dish or the dessert. Imagine that.

Yours truly with Donetta Poisson, the interim director of the UT Culinary Institute. She runs the student lab class.

By the way, the Ready for the World Cafe is in the UT Visitors Center on the corner of Kingston Pike and Neyland Drive. It runs through April 26 and is open to the public. It is a student lab that focuses on food production and service management.
There are seven luncheons left this spring semester: India (March 6), Korea (March 15), Italy (March 27), France (April 3), Liberia (April 10), Persia (April 17), Germany (April 26).

If you want to buy a ticket, call 865-974-6645. You'll thank me.

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