Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chewing on hope.

I did something sneaky, sneaky in church today.
I starting tweeting during the sermon.
Pastor John Wood offered nugget after nugget as he spoke about A Call to Hope. They were like zingers hitting me exactly where I needed them.

I thought, perhaps they might give others "aha" moments as they did for me so I took to social media.

Some of John's thoughts that hit home this morning:
  • "Hope is as necessary to a healthy mind and spirit as food is to our bodies. Without hope, we die."

  • "Hope is not a wistful expecting. It is a forward direction of faith; a confidence that God will continue to fulfill his promises. Those who have that hope live differently."

  • "It's not putting smiley faces on painful things. It's knowing who our Redeemer is and that he's working everything out for our good."
More here.

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