Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Charles the Man

I like bragging on my friends. Today, I am writing about Charles the Man.
<-- This is him.

What's that in his hand, you ask?
Well, Charles just won the award for the best master's student research project. He presented his paper this morning at the University of Tennessee's 34th annual Research Symposium.
His topic was the analysis of news coverage of the U.S. in Latin American media.

There were 41 symposium participants, which included master's and doctoral students and faculty. An award was given in each category.
(I got to listen to Charles' presentation, which was pretty cool. I even captured it on video.)

He's a smart one, this guy. (I know because I work with him everyday in UT's media relations office.) He's like the office's walking encyclopedia -- a purveyor of random and fascinating facts. I tell  him often that he knows everything. And he really does.

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