Tuesday, January 10, 2012

9 years in Knoxville.

Nine years ago today, I drove into Knoxville to start my new life, post college.
I remember it was sunny that Friday afternoon and gas was $1.34/gallon.

I had no expectations but I had a deep sense of adventure. I had a new gig in a place I'd never heard of until I started job searching. (I did know where Tennessee was on the map, at least.)

Frankly, I wasn't quite sure how I felt about Knoxville. It was so different from New York City, where I grew up. Maybe that's part of what made me like it. Before I knew it, I started making friends, I bought a house and I adopted two dogs. I'm discovering that my roots have sunk in deep.

Who knows what next year looks like? Three years from now? Five years from now? Maybe I'll still be in Knoxville and maybe I'll be somewhere totally unexpected. But for now, this is home.

I mark today's anniversary with these words: what a ride!


  1. We're so glad you're here!!! We are blessed to know you! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary, gal! To channel Al Green, it's funny how time slips away.