Saturday, December 17, 2011

Celebrating Sara

A hat tip to my friend Sara for trying something new today -- she ice skated for the first time.
What a way to kick off another year of life! YAY for new experiences :)

Sara had a birthday this week and I wanted to celebrate with her. I asked what she wanted to do in addition to eating a meal together. I also threw out a few suggestions, ice skating being one of them. Her eyes lit up and she told me it was something she had never done but it was on her list.

Well, my own eyes lit up because it's one of my favorite things and I would get to experience it with her.
I knew just the place, too. Every year between Thanksgiving and New Year, Knoxville's Holidays on Ice comes to Market Square downtown. A covered ice skating rink decked in Christmas lights is set up right in the middle of the square.

I was so proud of Sara. She was determined and she did a great job of maintaining her balance. She did not fall once.

She enjoyed herself ... or at least that's what she told me. She could have just been saying that to make me feel better about making her do this ;)

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