Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Visit to an old love

My trips to New York City are never complete without a visit to the Brooklyn Bridge, my favorite landmark. It's hard to resist its allure.

I've walked this bridge countless times - always starting on the Brooklyn side and crossing into Manhattan and back - and it's a new experience every time.

(Trivia: did you know the bridge was completely built by hand?)

I found myself on the bridge Saturday afternoon with a throng of people. The crowd was a bit annoying and I should have known better than to go on a weekend day but nonetheless, I enjoyed the 2.26-mile round trip.

The Brooklyn Bridge is undergoing a face lift so some of its magnificent views were blocked. Here's to hoping the rehabilitation doesn't take too long.

This trip to New York City was yet one more reason to be thankful this Thanksgiving. It was so fun to spend the holiday with my family in Brooklyn. I got to hang out with my parents and siblings and squeeze my nephews and niece. I also got some driving experience in the city. (Puts hair on your chest.)

In the almost nine years I've lived in Knoxville, I've only come home for Thanksgiving maybe two or three times. I typically worked the holiday while I was at the Knoxville News Sentinel and saved the day so I could have a longer vacation over Christmas. But thanks to the new gig at the University of Tennessee, I have more vacation time that I could ever want.
YAY for small blessings!

I had a chance to reconnect with old friends and the children I babysat while in college. (The oldest boy will be 16 in March. He's already thinking of college choices!!)

A special treat this holiday was meeting up with my friend Laura from Wisconsin. It was fortuitous. When we made our individual plans, neither of us knew the other would be in New York City for Thanksgiving. I happened to read one of her blog posts earlier this month where she mentioned her impending trip. I fired off an email to her and the rest is history.

We went to see the Christmas Spectacular with the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall, walked around the city a bit, grabbed lunch and then went to service at my former church, Times Square Church.

What a blessing that I can call New York City my other home.


  1. Ahh, New York. What a wonderful town. Your post put a smile on my face. I was watching a documentary on the Big City last night and wishing I had the time and $$$ to go visit again. Thanks for sharing your trip home.

    P.S. Did you ever read the book about the Brooklyn Bridge by David McCollough? I think you'd like it...

  2. Hey Lola,
    Steve and I used to walk the bridge too from the Brooklyn side---all the way to the South Street Seaport for smoothies or lunch, then walk back to Brooklyn. I hope to that in the Spring, this time with our little Zachary.

  3. Yes!! I am so very happy we were able to get together. It really was the icing on the cake of my trip. My posts to come soon and I'll be emailing you the pictures we took together.