Sunday, November 13, 2011

Taekwondo winter camp.

I'm sore all over. And I love it.
I'm also exhausted, which means I'll keep this post short :)

I and about 220 people from a dozen Taekwondo America schools in the Southeast spent this weekend sharpening our martial arts skills in the hills of North Carolina.

The Regional Taekwondo Winter Camp took place in King, N.C. Sessions included free sparring strategies, board breaking, target pad training, perfecting our forms/patterns and self defense (Twelve o'clock roll, anyone?)
Two full days of workouts.

The big lesson for me this weekend: it's not just memorizing or performing moves. It's also making them sharp and hitting accurate targets. This is especially important as I move up through the ranks. Although I'm a probationary black belt and I'm learning advanced skills, I'm realizing that I can't slack off on the basic skills, which are the building blocks. Otherwise, everything will look sloppy.

I want to be a good technician.

I also came away this weekend with a deeper love of Taekwondo. I see myself becoming a lifelong practitioner of the Korean martial art.

                My schoolmate Sarah and I right before sparring on Friday

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  1. That sounds great, Lola! and I bet your body is sore. Hopefully your sleep last night was refreshing.