Monday, November 7, 2011

Perfect day!

I might have to wear stretchy pants the rest of November.
Today's birthday celebration (No. 3) found me at the Crown and Goose in downtown Knoxville with three wonderful friends, Sara, Erik and Sonya.
(I popped out of the womb on this day almost three decades ago.)

I am a rich woman because I have amazing heart friends. Yes, the food at the Crown and Goose was excellent. But I walked out of there with something better than a full tummy. I walked out of there with a fuller heart, thanks to my friends. They added such joy and laughter (oh, goodness!) to my evening.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the awesomeness that was this cake at the Crown and Goose.

I must say, birthdays are a little bad though because they give you somewhat of a big head because of all the things people say about you. Some would call that affirmation. I received lots of it today via phone calls, text messages, emails and Facebook posts. I'm grateful for it.

Today was a near perfect day. Even the weather was agreeable!

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