Friday, November 4, 2011

Birthday celebration month begins

I kicked off my birthday celebration month in proper style this evening with good friends, good food, good wine and good conversation.

Jim and Kim took me to the Melting Pot in the Old City for a two-fer: celebration of my U.S. citizenship and commemoration of the day I slipped into the world. Two and a half hours and a four-course meal later, I walked out of there with a warmed heart, a full tummy and a slightly snug jacket (particularly around the mid-midsection.)

Some highlights of the evening:
The Melting Pot staff had a birthday card waiting for me. They'd all signed it.

The food was excellent! We were so caught up in dipping and cooking that I forgot to take pictures. I remembered toward the end when the desserts arrived. The first course was a cheese fondue with all manner of veggies, fruits and bread. The second was a tasty salad. The third was an entree that included chicken, sirloin, pork, shrimp and mushroom-stuffed pasta. And the last was what I believe is the restaurant's crowning glory: the desserts.

For dessert, we chose the dark chocolate fondue with hazelnut liqueur for dipping. Mercy! One of the fun parts was watching our waitress prepare the chocolate fondue:

I got to pick our wine so I paid homage to my mother continent.

Our stuffed, happy selves.

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  1. Mm...mmmmm!! Love your group photo - nothing like a good two-hour-and-a-half dining with chocolate dipped in chocolate to end it all, ya?! :)