Sunday, October 9, 2011

Finding a soldier, meeting a president

I found me a soldier today!
He's from 1863 but that's of little consequence.

That's Matt Lakin, my friend and former News Sentinel colleague, who is a Civil War reenactor. He fights on the Union side.
Matt this weekend participated in the Battle of Fort Sanders, a re-enactment of two poignant East Tennessee fights between the Confederate and Union forces at the height of the Civil War.
The Battle of Campbell's Station and the Battle of Fort Sanders both took place in November 1863.

As a lover of history and to support my friend, I went to the East Knox County event this afternoon.
My superhero friend Lydia X. came along for the adventure.
We arrived just in time for the first battle.
As the soldiers shifted locations for the second fight, we had enough time to check out vendors' tents and their authentic historical ware.
We also grabbed a funnel cake and then positioned ourselves to watch the second battle.

A neat part of the reenactment was the chance for spectators to explore an exact replica of an earthen Civil War fort.

I also got to meet Abraham Lincoln ;)

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