Saturday, October 1, 2011


I went to my first-ever corn maze today.
That it was with my friend Sara meant serious adventure.
That it was at Cruze Farm meant serious ice cream.

We arrived at the East Knox County farm to a crisp breeze and gorgeous blue skies.
Our task as we went through the maze was to find five country music legends that were lost in it. If successful, we would each earn a *free* Cruze Farm ice cream cone.
Were we successful? You decide:

                                                    Minnie Pearl

                                                    Johnny Cash

                                                    Dolly Parton

                                                     Willie Nelson

                                                   Kenny Chesney

You can imagine our joy when Sara and I claimed our prize. Jersey Girl Chocolate and French Broad Vanilla.

                                           Sara the lovely hand model

We also ran into a celebrity at Cruze Farm :)

News Sentinel food writer Mary "Dee Dee" Constantine and grandson Logan

More scenes from Cruze Farm:

                                           Pumpkin painter Melissa

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  1. so fun! I go to at least one corn maze every year, but have never found any lost country singers. Or gotten free ice cream.