Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kick butt? Why, yes, I do!

You may call today's entry the Happy Dance blog post.
I got second place in sparring this weekend at the Taekwondo America National Tournament.
My final match went into overtime twice before my opponent eked out a couple of extra points over me to win.
I'm pretty stoked that I got the silver medal although I had hoped for gold in my division. The girl who took first earned it. But I made her work for it :)

I didn't place in forms/patterns, the other portion of the competition, but I'm most proud of this.
Sounds strange, eh? Let me explain.
(By the way, martial arts forms or patterns are a set of movements one has to perform to demonstrate skills in kicking, punching, jumps and stances.)

Saturday's competition, which took place in Winston-Salem, N.C., was my third national tournament.
I did terribly in patterns my first two tourneys because of stage fright. Even though I knew my forms, I forgot them as I performed because I was so nervous and just froze halfway through them.
(The only redeeming part of last year's tournament was that I placed in sparring. 2009's tournament? Don't event ask.)

I went to this year's nationals as an act of faith.
I didn't want the fear of performing in front of people to have mastery over me.
So, as I prepared for the competition, I prayed. I also asked three dear lady friends, Caroline, Rachel and Melanie, to pray for me regarding my fear.

Specifically, I wanted to not only do my pattern correctly and in the right direction (you can get turned around easily!), I also wanted to enjoy it while I was at it.
I felt kind of silly asking them to pray about this small thing. But I know that God cares about the big and the little things in our lives.

On Saturday, during the competition, I performed my pattern from beginning to end before dozens of eyes. No hiccups.

I didn't come home with a medal in forms (I got a respectable score but not high enough to place) but I scored a major victory over fear.


  1. AWESOME!!! So proud of you friend!!! You DO kick butt! :-)

  2. Lola, I am so proud of you. and impressed that you put yourself out there! You rock.