Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Operation "Remove Paper Vomit": Activated!

Confession: I am a paper hoarder.
Need: I want to be set free.

I initially scheduled this week off before starting the new job so I could loaf around and relax.
And I have been doing just that. (A nap every afternoon has been glorious.)
But I've had a desire to clean. I don't mean vacuum-and-dust type of cleaning.

I'm talking about giving the heave-ho to newspapers, magazines, documents and all manner of paper clutter that's invaded my life. (Paper vomit, as I like to call it.)

I figure since I'm starting a new chapter in my life, I might as well give my house a clean start, too.

I had this brilliant idea that I would be able to finish my paper removal project by week's end. Then as I started cleaning, I quickly revised my objective. The more I tossed, the more the piles seemed to grow.
I've been very adept at hiding all this paper junk. Not only did they litter my office/library floor, I had stacked some in the closet (probably a quick hide because of a last-minute guest.)
I even had them under my bed. (Don't judge me!)

I've decided that I'm going to attack it a bit at a time. Do some this week. More another time. Besides, my poor paper shredder was protesting.

The fun part of paper cleaning: I've found the most interesting things hidden underneath (and not just my car title. Although I'm grateful I located that, too.)

I got this at a garage sale while visiting a friend in Johnson City a few years ago

I started reading this on one of my overseas trips and got halfway. I think it's time I pick it back up.

I got these postcards on my 2009 Ethiopia trip. I'd written them but never mailed them. They were meant for young friends in Bolivia and Rwanda. I had planned to include them in letter packages. Me thinks I'll add more current Tennessee postcards and send them off.


  1. Christina SouthernAugust 3, 2011 at 10:48 PM

    You have to share one of the stories!

  2. Great job with the cleaning. And I hear you, paper can take over! Even the most careful person can fall under attack of paper. I'm cleaning Grandpa's office and let me say, he kept EVERYTHING. It's no joke going through that. And the sad thing is, I'm afraid I have just as much paper as he did, and I'm 60 years younger!! Good luck as you continue on the paper sorting journey.