Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lola-Palooza! (send-off #2)

When Knoxville News Sentinel humor columnist Sam Venable throws a party, you'd better be there or be talked about.
The shindig just so happened to be for me.

After I announced my resignation from the paper, Sam decided he wanted to have a send-off at his log home and concocted this invite:

Last night's gathering was again a reminder of what tremendous family and friends the newspaper folks are to me.
They sent me off in true East Tennessee style. The menu included fried fish and fowl that Sam had caught and hunted himself.
Then there was Matt's Sexxy Salad (he threw in an extra X just for me, he said), Donna's apple cheese delight (the true name of the dish is unmentionable in this blog) and a host of other yummies.

Sam by default was the entertainment headliner after it got dark. He told numerous stories about the antics of News Sentinel staffers of yore that had us laughing so hard. (My abs were sore this morning when I woke up.)

These last few weeks have been very affirming for me as co-workers have said their good-byes.
It's been so sweet to hear all the neat things people have said to me and about me. They're the kinds of things you hear at a funeral but by then it's too late for the person to enjoy it.

I'm glad I got to hear it on this side.

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