Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Learning to say g...g...go Vols!

It's been exactly a week since I decided to switch loyalties professionally.
It's starting to sink in.
The University of Tennessee acceptance letter. The Knoxville News Sentinel resignation letter.
Orientation scheduled. Exit interview set.

It's been quite the whirlwind.

There have been tears, hugs and whispers of "short-timer" and "traitor" as News Sentinel colleagues pass my cubicle. Totally warms my heart.

Over the last few days I've been writing stories, going through old emails and creating a lengthy list of to-do's for the gal who will take over my education beat.
I've also been cleaning eight-plus years' worth of paper vomit off my desk and out of my drawers.
It's amazing how quickly that stuff piles up. (Note to self: when in doubt, throw it out!!)

I haven't been this excited and stressed at the same time since can't-remember-when. But I love it.

I feel quite giddy, particularly when I'm corresponding with my soon-to-be new boss.
It makes me smile when she refers to the department where I'll be working as "our staff."
She's already included me - even though I'm still a few weeks from starting the job.
I've been peppering her with inquiries. But there is one burning question I have yet to ask about this new gig:

Does this mean I have to wear orange now?


  1. Yes, yes it does. But orange will look GREAT on you, my friend! :)

  2. My question for you is - how is the food going to be over there?

  3. Orange will look great with your skin! MUCH better than mine :).