Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday strawberry adventures

Ever plucked your own strawberries and popped them in your mouth while standing among acres of fields under wide, open skies?
It will change your life.

I grabbed my friend Sara and we headed over to the Fruit and Berry Patch in Halls today.
It's strawberry season, baby, and they were loaded!

The best part is you get to pick your own goodies. And you get to sample :)

I learned of the Fruit and Berry Patch last year after meeting its proprietors, Jeff and Sandy Fox, at the Market Square Farmers Market. Every visit to their farm has included a bear hug from them.

From May through October, I rarely buy fruit at the grocery store except for bananas, thanks to the dirt cheap prices at the Fruit and Berry Patch. (Think buckets of blueberries, blackberries, apples, peaches, and grapes. I saw cherry trees budding today, something I didn't notice last year.)

The farm sells other good things to eat, from fruit pies and veggies to a variety of butters and cider.

During our hour-long visit there, Sara and I got reacquainted with other friends:

Here are more scenes from the Fruit and Berry Patch:

I'm getting my farmer girl on.

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  1. Love it!! Especially you on the tractor. Strawberry season is my favorite, but I'm afraid I'm going to miss the entire thing this year! It's much too short of a season. For a berry that good it should be a long season, or they should keep better. Like apples.