Sunday, May 1, 2011

Be amazed.

My friends Cathy and Adrian were helping me trim my hedges this weekend when we found this in one of my holly bushes.
And to think this surprise had been hiding there for days (maybe weeks?) and I had no idea.
I examined the nest in my hands, careful not to disturb the little guy.

I had lots of questions for the mama bird:
How did she know the number of twigs to use so the nest would be thick enough?
Did she wonder what the baby would look like?
Did she check on the egg everyday?
Did she worry that humans or other ruffians would find and hurt her baby-to-be?
Was the daddy a good he-bird?

We put the nest back inside a different bush. A few moments later, we moved it to where we first found it. Afterall, we didn't want to cause the mama bird anxiety when she came looking and couldn't find the egg where she left it.

I checked on the egg this morning. Yep, still there.
Mama bird, don't you worry, I'll keep an eye on your little one, too.

I hope we never lose our wonder at the "small" miracles happening all around us.

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